Is it time to Park Your Reco License as Canadian Economy Slows?

Economists in all their wisdom predict the first portion of 2012 will NOT be a smooth ride.  The Bank of Canada may then keep rates low and is this really a bad option?  Will more and more Ontario real estate agents decide to park their real estate license and cut their costs?

The Canadian Economy appears to be growing weary, however, this could just be the normal sequence of events that usually occur this time of the year.  Ontario Realtors who may very well switch to a Brokerage specializing in holding Ontario real estate licenses to reduce their operating costs, could be jumping the gun on this “weary economy” news.


Observing the Housing resales, Ontario RECO Registrants will note that, sales were up.  Sales of existing homes in Canada have in fact increased across the country.  This gave us Realtors a 1.3% increase in the output of licensed real estate agents and brokers through-out our Country.



As an Ontario real estate agent with an active license, when you hear news like this that may cause you great concern, you need to be aware of a Real Estate Brokerage in Ontario that allows you to park your license without the burden of a fixed contract.  This means you have the option to hold your real estate agent license in a warehouse fashion when you plan on becoming an inactive agent.


When the real estate market becomes attractive enough for you to get back into part-time or full-time sales, you may then switch back easily.  Until then, as a parked real estate agent you will continue to enjoy the privilege of trading in real estate sales in Ontario but without the costs you are accustomed to.  What does this mean?  No fees including TREB or your local Board, OREA and CREA.  RECO fees still apply.


Find out more-much more by consulting with Philip Caputi, park your license and save your money Expert.  Toll free 1-800-537-1931  All Ontario real estate agents are welcome to join and save.  With more than 15 years of park your license service and over 260 RECO Registrants, you are in great hands.  New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage saves you money without locking you into a contract.  We are here to help you succeed, whatever your personal situation is.  Give us a try and experience a true win win relationship.  Park your real estate agent license and secure it for now and your future goals.

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